Your Personal Crypto Trading Assistant 

Ordcoin highlights trading opportunities for you, while also providing personalized insights and trading strategies based on your investment pattern


Crypto Made Ordinary

To many new investors, crypto at face value looks risky, and even scary. Ordcoin’s simple interface and smart assistant helps you mitigate the major risks you face when investing, and helps you find trading opportunities. Stop losing money and time with crypto, and trade smarter! 


With artificial intelligence, Ordcoins’ wallet provides you with real time insights as well as trading opportunities.


Ordcoin’s wallet and card are both secured using AES and blockchain encryption to ensure your information is private and your funds secure.


Ordcoin makes trading and spending crypto a matter of a few seconds. Simply e-transfer or deposit funds and trade immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Ordcoin better than other wallets?

Ordcoin unlike other wallets uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized insights on your next investments.

Can I invest in small amounts?

Ordcoin’s wallet lets you invest from $1 upwards, so if you want to just try out crypto, this is your chance!

Is Ordcoins' A.I always accurate?

Our artificial intelligence predicts the risks that you may encounter and helps you with potential opportunities. However, due to social trends and spontaneous volatility in the markets, we cannot guarantee that our A.I. is 100% accurate.

Does Ordcoin have an exchange?

Yes, our exchange is entirely in-app. So feel free to swap, trade, and send crypto all from our single platform.

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